Organics recycling helps Lipton’s Suffolk, VA employees reach zero landfill goal.

When the plant manager of Lipton’s Suffolk, Virginia facility challenged his employees to improve their recycling program in late 2008, it yielded a surprising end—the plant become a zero landfill facility.

As Lipton employees worked to improve their recycling rate in early 2009, the plant manager realized they were quite close to recycling all of their excess materials. Still – “There were a few items we couldn’t find a home for,” said Michael Boone, Lipton’s warehouse supervisor, mainly, excess tea and some paper from the manufacturing process.   When the plant manager got in touch with McGill, he found a taker for these by-products, and Lipton officially became a zero landfill facility in May 2009.

Lipton puts all compostable materials in a compactor, then a hauler trucks them to McGill’s composting facility near Waverly, VA. Today, the company sends McGill about seven tons of organics per week, recycling the tea’s nutrients and helping make their business that much more sustainable. Which, really, is everyone’s cup of tea.