Municipal Solutions

McGill has extensive expertise supporting municipalities in their efforts to control organic waste costs and maintain the environmental integrity of communities.

Sustainable Communities Through Compost

From co-locating with wastewater treatment facilities to finding a customer base for excess compost, McGill has partnered with municipalities to help them realize enhanced sustainability and cost savings through better organic waste management solutions.

Organics Waste Recycling and Compost Manufacturing

Our composting facilities and services embrace and enhance natural processes to create premium and consistent compost products for municipalities that can be sold or used to improve community green spaces.

Organic Waste Solutions

Our processes can handle a municipality’s most challenging organic wastes, including biosolids and residuals, wood and fiber, construction and demolition debris, food waste, and agriculture wastes and byproducts.

Facilities Design, Build, Operate Solutions

Our pre-engineered facilities and operating and management agreements offer a suite of tailored solutions for municipalities seeking a trusted partner to manage more sustainable and cost-effective solutions for their organic waste.


Better Compost Products

Our suite of compost products give municipalities the quality and choice needed to foster more sustainable public spaces and enhance environmental resiliency.

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