Good for Construction and the Planet

More than half of all sediment loss is a result of human activities like agriculture and development. The volume of water rolling off developed landscapes can be almost five times the amount shed by undisturbed soil.

ErosionControl is formulated with a blend of sustainably sourced course premium compost that restores soil’s natural ability to absorb rainfall energy and rainwater to combat erosion and protect landscapes and the planet.

  • Increases water retention and reduces run-off
  • Prevents/reduces sheet and rill erosion
  • Creates a protective buffer for soil
  • Reduces soil compaction and increases infiltration
  • Removes pollutants from stormwater and improves downstream water quality
  • Faster and deeper root establishment of vegetation cover
  • Improves microbial activity and soil structure
  • Reduces labor and landfill cost
  • Meets DOT-type specifications for erosion control products

Choosing the Right Compost

For construction projects, compost-based mitigation strategies provide better protection and better aesthetics than traditional methods. Compost becomes a permanent part of the landscape with nothing to remove when the project is complete and no plastic or fencing to send to landfills.

McGill ErosionControl is a blend of SoilBuilder premium compost and premium compost and course woody amendments to create an ideal surface for seeding while reducing damage from rain impact. Use it for short-term erosion mitigation, stormwater management and in cases of soil disturbance.

For general erosion prevention and stormwater management, amend soil to rebuild and maintain topsoil with SoilBuilder.

ErosionControl in Action

In areas where natural topsoil is depleted, ErosionControl restores soil organic matter and active microbial populations to help control the impact of rainwater and lessen the damage caused by flooding, erosion, sedimentation and water pollution.

When used in highway construction projects, ErosionControl creates a solid foundation for roadside vegetation to act as a buffer and manage stormwater to prevent erosion and flooding.

In riparian zones, the premium compost in ErosionControl will increase soil organic matter helping to reduce water runoff and lowering the sediment and pollutant loads delivered to receiving rivers, streams and water bodies.

Fix soil that’s damaged during construction with ErosionControl to reduce erosion and help establish vegetation for stormwater management and protection from future environmental damage.

Use Instructions

  • Use as little as one-half of an inch or up to 2 inches for optimal results
  • Soil organic matter content of 5% is recommended to maximize water retention
  • For compost blankets, loosely apply a layer of ErosionControl over soil in disturbed areas
  • Fill compost sock and berms with ErosionControl in areas with high volume discharges or flows for efficient sediment containment
  • Use sock and berms alone or in conjunction with compost blankets

Deploy seed in conjunction with ErosionControl

ErosionControl Content Sheets

Where To Buy

McGill ErosionControl is sold in tractor-trailer loads from facilities in the mid-Atlantic, Carolinas, New Jersey, Florida, and through authorized resellers.

Where to Buy

How Much to Buy

Determine the amount of compost you will need for your planting project with our compost calculator.

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