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McGill Environmental Systems transforms organic waste into enriched soil amendments to help processors, public entities, people and the planet grow greener every day.

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For over 30 years, we’ve manufactured premium compost products through the processing and recycling of non-hazardous, biodegradable by-products and residuals.

We design, build, and operate state-of-the art industrial scale indoor composting facilities, with a proven reputation as a reliable, cost-effective, weather-independent production solution.


McGill owns and operates multiple industrial composting facilities in the eastern U.S. including North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia with headquarters at the McGill-Merry Oaks facility near Raleigh, NC.

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Who We Serve

McGill Environmental Systems provides a full range of services related to the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of high-quality compost, as well as other biological treatment and remediation technologies.

Organizations from municipalities, industrial companies and agricultural businesses depend on McGill’s state-of-the-art technologies and proven processes for their compost needs.

Who We Serve

Lock the Loop

Lock the Loop is McGill’s certified program recognizing organizations and municipalities committed to local, sustainable solutions for organic waste. Some companies and municipalities will send us materials for recycling and composting, others use our compost across applications. Entities displaying our Lock-the-Loop label do both – taking full responsibility for their residuals and byproducts. A Lock the Loop label means an organizational commitment to local economies and sustainable communities. Interested in joining our Lock the Loop program?

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Our History

McGill’s history is a unique combination of a founder’s singular vision for a new kind of compost company with a shared commitment to building a more sustainable future for communities and companies across industries.

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We’re looking for passionate self-motivated individuals to join our team and build their careers while building a more sustainable world. Join us.

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