Tons Composted

5+ million

Cubic Yards Utilized

4+ million

Annual Carbon Sequestration

256,000 tons

Serving Charleston County

McGill-Bees Ferry

Bees Ferry Composting Facility has been operating since 1993. It was managed by Charleston County until July 2020, when McGill was awarded a 10-year contract to manage the facility. Over 80,000 tons of material will be composted at the site on an annual basis and compost products are certified under the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance program.

PRIMARY SERVICE AREA: McGill-Bees Ferry is currently only accepting Program Tonnage supplied by Charleston County. Please call 919-362-1161 for more information on material acceptance for non-Charleston County generated waste streams. The facility is permitted to accept food waste and yard waste.

1344 Bees Ferry Road
Charleston, SC 29414
Phone: 919-362-1161

Fax: 919-362-1141

Serving the coastal carolinas


The McGill Regional Composting Facility at Delway opened in 1991 in Sampson County, North Carolina, and became the first McGill operation in the U.S. It serves the coastal Carolina region from Greenville through Wilmington and south to Myrtle Beach. In 2015, the plant was officially renamed the James H. McGill Memorial Composting Facility in honor of one of its founders, the late Jim McGill.

Situated at the heart of one of the highest poultry and swine production regions in the country, the site was home to an outdoor turkey range before acquisition by McGill. Since then, it has undergone many upgrades, evolving from an outdoor, aerated static pile facility operating in an open shed to today’s semi-enclosed plant that features McGill’s proprietary floor system, computerized process monitoring and control, concrete walls in the primary processing areas and paneled, steel structure overhead. This facility utilizes indoor, banked-bay processing; curing is outdoors and aerated.

PRIMARY SERVICE AREA: The Coastal Carolinas from Greenville to Myrtle Beach and west to Fayetteville, including Wilmington, Jacksonville, Kinston, Goldsboro, Lumberton and New Bern.

1100 Herring Rd (Delway)
Rose Hill, NC 28458
Phone: 910-532-2539

Fax: 910-532-2542

Serving the Carolinas and Virginia Piedmont

McGill-Merry Oaks

The McGill Regional Composting Facility at Merry Oaks, opened in 2002, is a former timber tract located in Chatham County, about 30 minutes south of Raleigh. It was the first fully enclosed McGill operation constructed in the U.S. and the first with biofiltration as an integrated system.

Originally constructed to accommodate aerated, open bay (banked) composting, this facility was extensively retrofitted a few years ago for encapsulated processing to improve odor management and process efficiency and to add indoor, aerated curing. As a result, the site has the ability to process more material in the same space while ensuring consistent product quality.

McGill-Merry Oaks is also home to the company’s corporate office due to its proximity to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

PRIMARY SERVICE AREA: The greater Raleigh metro area as well as the I-85 corridor from Charlotte to Rocky Mount, including south-central Virginia and the communities near Cary, Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Asheboro, Pinehurst and High Point.

634 Christian Chpl Ch Rd
New Hill, NC 27562
Phone: 919-362-1161

Fax: 919-362-1141

Serving the Mid-Atlantic States


The McGill Regional Composting Facility at Waverly opened in 2008. It is located in Sussex County, Virginia, near the town of Waverly.

McGill-Waverly accepts all types of biodegradable materials including food waste, biosolids and yard waste. It is designed to receive and process source-separated wastes transported in roll-off containers, tractor-trailer rigs, and other commercial vehicles that can safely tip into the receiving bunker.

Located on a former timber tract, the operation processes in both banked and encapsulated bays with aerated curing. Aerated curing eliminates the need for windrow turners at this facility.

PRIMARY SERVICE AREA: The coastal mid-Atlantic states, including the Richmond-Tidewater area and I-85 corridor from D.C. south to north-eastern North Carolina, including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Fredericksburg, Alexandria and Petersburg.

5056 Beef Steak Rd
Waverly, VA 23890
Phone: 804-834-8820

Fax: 804-834-8822

Serving County Cork, Ireland


EPA License: W0180-1

ABP Approval (Dept. Agriculture): COMP 31

McGill Environmental Systems (Ireland) Ltd, specialises in composting non-hazardous residuals and by-products from industrial and municipal generators. The company owns and operates multiple facilities and has designed facilities for others.

All McGill facilities are indoor operations, guaranteeing its clients dependable, year-round service regardless of weather conditions.

McGill-Ireland processes over 20,000 tonnes of non-hazardous biodegradable materials per year from a number of sources including pharmaceutical companies, food companies, breweries, drink companies, local authorities, office of public works, and cosmetic companies.

These feedstocks are used as raw materials in the manufacture of compost products for agriculture, horticulture, biofuels and other markets.

PRIMARY SERVICE AREAS: The areas surrounding Cork, Waterford, Wexford and Killarney, Ireland.

Coom, Glenville, Cork,
T56 KT10, Ireland
Phone: 021 4880945

Fax: 021 4880961

Serving County Waterford, Ireland

Molaisin Compost

EPA License: W0245-01

Molaisin Compost is also known as McGill-Cappoquin, and specialises in composting non-hazardous residuals and by-products from industrial and municipal generators.

PRIMARY SERVICE AREAS: The areas surrounding Kilmolash, Cappoquin, Waterford, Ireland

Please direct all enquiries to the Glenville facility.

Coom, Glenville, Cork,
T56 KT10, Ireland
Phone: 021 4880945

Fax: 021 4880961

Serving New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

McGill – RER

RER Supply’s® humble origins date back to 1996 with a family-owned landscaping business seeing promise and opportunity in the burgeoning topsoil market, where only two other companies supplied topsoil. Hard work, a commitment to providing a quality brand, and focus on service excellence would follow the company into its founding as a topsoil and mulch supplier in Riverdale, NJ in 2004. Since then, RER has grown to be a local industry leader in the business of green material (vegetative waste) recycling, and the manufacturing and marketing of mulch, compost, and soil products.  RER has four sites in New Jersey which act as collection, processing and/or retail locations.

RER Supply uses sustainable methods like composting to recycle local green waste and other organic material diverted from commercial generators, municipalities, and service companies. These locally diverted resources are processed into eco-smart, earth-friendly landscape products that are sold in bulk quantities to landscape contractors, independent garden centers, contracting companies, and homeowners.

In 2021, McGill Environmental took ownership of operations at RER Supply, with the goal of modernizing and further increasing RER’s commitment to offering high levels of service and products. The McGill team brings 30+ years of experience in the sales and marketing of premium compost in locations along the east coast in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida. As a first step in this partnership, RER’s compost has been rebranded as McGill’s GardenState Premium Compost and obtained the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Certification, with a goal to become Certified Organic using OMRI® Listing Certification later this year.

4 South Corporate Drive
Riverdale, NJ 07457
Phone: 973-616-6654

Fax: 973-616-6470