Good for Plants and the Planet

Plants and shrubs thrive on healthy soil packed with nutrients. Premium compost provides valuable organic matter and reduces soil erosion for the greenest results – and it’s safe for yards with children and pets.

Composed of sustainably manufactured premium compost, LandscapeMix improves all landscaping projects and protects the planet.

  • Improves soil structure for better root development
  • Enhances nutrient uptake
  • Biodegrade polluted runoff
  • Captures more rainwater
  • Reduces runoff and irrigation requirements

Choosing the Right Compost

Premium compost is a sustainable and safe choice when building foundations for plants and vegetables. Unlike wood-based or yard waste-based mulch, the compost blend in LandscapeMix does not compete with plants for nutrients or contain undesirable constituents like weed seeds, pesticides and herbicides

McGill LandscapeMix is a blend of McGill SoilBuilder and composted woody amendments resulting in the perfect mix for a variety of landscaping projects. Use it to rebuild planting beds, backfill around newly planted trees or as topdressing.

For topsoil manufacturing, see SoilBuilder.

LandscapeMix in Action

Fill beds with LandscapeMix to give plants and vegetables the nutrients they need to thrive and survive.

Use LandscapeMix on its own or blended with other planter media for a healthy and organic planting environment.

Blend LandscapeMix with excavated soil when planting trees and shrubs to ensure better root development and water penetration.

For new construction, using LandscapeMix to top off foundation backfill will create a healthy base for new plants and landscaping to flourish.

Use Instructions

Determine the amount of LandscapeMix you will need for your planting project with our compost calculator or by multiplying the square feet to be covered by the depth to be filled (in inches) and then multiplying by .0031

  • Build beds by mixing McGill LandscapeMix premium compost with native soils
  • Replenish with small amounts of LandscapeMix on a yearly basis
  • Use a permeable weed barrier between the existing soil and LandscapeMix to keep weeds under control
  • Dig a hole the same depth as the root ball and two to three times as wide
  • Blend 25-30% LandscapeMix with native soils
  • Place the plant in the planting hole, firm the soil as the hole is backfilled and water thoroughly
  • Blend in a maximum of 25% compost into soil ensuring it is homogenous with even distribution of all ingredients and uniform particle size
  • Before using automatic watering systems, determine and adjust watering schedules for newly potted plants as compost will hold more water than other mixes
  • Apply 1/8 to 1/2 inch of LandscapeMix
  • Seed or sod if needed and water
  • For optimal results, core aerate the area to be amended with compost

LandscapeMix Content Sheets

Where to Buy

McGill SoilBuilder is sold in tractor-trailer loads from facilities in the mid-Atlantic, Carolinas, Florida and Ireland and through authorized resellers.

Where to Buy

How Much to Buy

Get exact specifications for your planting project with our compost calculator, developed by our team of environmental scientists and composting specialists.

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