Premium Compost Products

High-quality compost blends that deliver better planting results and a healthier planet.

Organic Matter Matters

McGill’s indoor, climate-controlled facilities and advanced processes are purpose-built to supplement Earth’s natural processes in the manufacturing of premium compost products.

  • Higher Yields, Fewer Chemicals

    Create healthier soil structure and increase organic matter.

  • More Water Where You Need It

    Boost the water-holding capacity of your soil and keep more moisture at the root zone.

  • Improved Drainage

    Reduce water-logging after heavy rain or over-watering through increase pore space to encourage rapid percolation.

  • Slow Release

    High Cation Exchange Capacity directs and holds more nutrients at the root zone for slow-release performance.

  • Dependable Growing Conditions

    Consistent quality and year-round supplies you can count on.

Our Products

McGill SoilBuilder

McGill SoilBuilder

Premium, STA-certified 100% compost that serves as the foundation for all of our specialty products. Ideal for use as a topdressing, soil amendment, or mix ingredient.

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  • Lawns
  • Gardens
  • Topsoil Manufacture
  • Planting Mixes
  • Turfgrass Performance

McGill SportsTurf

A finely screened version of SoilBuilder ideal for maintaining active playing fields from preseason to postseason and in between.

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  • Golf Courses
  • Athletic Fields
  • Public Spaces
  • Commercial/Industrial Sod
  • Landscaping

McGill LandscapeMix

An ideal compost for establishing and building planting beds and vegetable gardens. A blend of SoilBuilder Premium Compost and quality amendments.

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  • Planting/Raised Beds
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Foundation Backfill

McGill ErosionControl

Blended and formulated to meet Department of Transportation specifications for erosion control and soil disturbance projects calling for the use of compost socks, berms and blankets.

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  • Roadside Vegetation
  • Highway Construction
  • Stormwater Management

McGill AG

Our agriculture-grade compost will improve your soils and provide nutrients to help improve crop yields.

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  • Broadcast
  • Topdressing
  • Banded Row

McGill CustomBlends

Custom Blends

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  • Custom Blends

Bees Best Compost

Locally sourced and made compost that reinvigorates soil for healthy gardens and lawns while promoting local sustainability efforts and a healthier community.

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  • Application One
  • US Certified Compost STA

McGill CustomBlends

Have a special requirement putting good compost to good work for the earth?

Where to Buy

McGill compost products are sold in tractor-trailer loads from facilities in the mid-Atlantic, Carolinas, Florida and Ireland and through authorized resellers.

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Compost Calculator

Get exact specifications for your planting project with our compost calculator, developed by our team of environmental scientists and composting specialists.

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Interested in becoming an authorized reseller?

If you would like to add McGill compost products to your retail or wholesale offerings — or use as ingredients in blends you offer to these markets — please contact our corporate office at 919-362-1161 or contact us below.

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