Compost Sales & Marketing

Reaching Green Thumbs

McGill Environmental Systems provides compost sales and marketing services helping facilities grow demand for compost products and manage sales with our rich expertise and proven track record of success.

With hundreds of authorized resellers up and down the East Coast, our compost experts can help market, promote, sell, and distribute compost to new and expanded customer bases.

A Trusted Partner for Compost Manufacturers

Facilities looking for support in sales and marketing of their compost outputs turn to McGill Environmental Systems for our extensive experience in selling premium compost products and our proven history in strengthening communities with sustainable foundations.

Growing a Market for Your Compost

McGill offers tailored support and solutions with competitive pricing and opportunities for revenue sharing and other partnership models.

Tailored Sales & Marketing Support

For facilities that specialize in the manufacturing of compost, McGill Environmental Systems will manage all aspects of marketing, promotion, and sales as well as logistics and coordination of delivery to customers ensuring that compost reaches the community.

Sales of Excess Compost

McGill partners with facilities to build a strategy and a customer base for sales of excess compost. Our agreements offer the option of blending or modifying excess compost to reach satisfactory quality for customers all while making sure no organic matter goes unused.

Sales Training and Resources

McGill offers custom training and materials to help grow compost sales capabilities and drive better return on investment.

  • Dedicated sales representatives
  • Sales team recruiting and training
  • Point of sale materials
  • Customer support
  • Tradeshow and conference attendance

Marketing Services

McGill has decades of experience building a market and a demand for premium compost products through specialized and strategic marketing approaches.

  • Market research and pricing
  • Product development
  • Advertising support
  • McGill branding and marketing materials
  • Tradeshow material support
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