Good for Agriculture and the Planet

When crops are infected or do not produce high yields, not only do farmers suffer but so do the communities they feed.

The premium compost in AG improves crop growth and controls erosion and pollutant runoff – keeping farms healthy as well as the planet.

  • Higher yields and quality
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Builds soil tilth
  • Greater disease and pest resistance
  • Balanced moisture levels
  • Reduces irrigation requirements
  • Less dependence and use of synthetic chemicals
  • Long-lasting benefits through multiple seasons

Choosing the Right Compost

When it comes to farming, compost provides added benefits over synthetic fertilizers. Premium compost returns organic matter and active soil microbes to fields and encourages better, greater crop yields.

McGill AG is a courser, less cured premium compost manufactured from a variety of blended feedstocks that has slightly higher levels of NPK macro-nutrients. Because the compost in AG has not reached full maturity and stability, McGill AG is only to be used for farming applications.


AG in Action

When used as topdressing, AG amends soil with essential nutrients that are missing from most synthetic fertilizers and its stability and self-pasteurization protect livestock from parasites and undesirable organisms.

In areas with tree or crop stands that will span multiple seasons, using AG in banded row applications can provide an extra boost at critical points in the crop cycle and improve soil with added organic matter.

Use Instructions

  • See results with as little as 4 to 8 tons per acre or about a 1/8-inch layer of compost
  • Apply with standard manure type spreaders
  • Use no more than 30% of compost in blends and mixes
  • Base your application rate on soil tests and compost analysis for best results
  • Apply compost with the same equipment used to spread manure
  • Incorporate into sandy soils, adding organic matter to help with water retention
  • Incorporate into heavy soil to help relieve compaction problems
  • Topdressing combined with core aeration can place organic material deeper into the soil
  • Use compost as a topdressing for banded rows
  • Lightly incorporate or deep till depending on specific use

Where to Buy

McGill AG is sold in tractor-trailer loads from facilities in the mid-Atlantic, Carolinas, Florida, and through authorized resellers.

Where to Buy

How Much to Buy

Determine the amount of compost you will need for your planting project with our compost calculator.

Compost Calculator
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