McGill Environmental Systems has a 30-year track record of combining proven and innovative composting processes and technologies with a deep commitment to delivering sustainable and cost-effective solutions for organic waste.

Proven Processes, Sustainable Solutions

McGill is one of the oldest, continuously operating compost manufacturing companies in the world.

“McGill’s history has always been about moving the world in the right direction. Our commitment has always been to harness the power of the best processes and the best people to find sustainable solutions for organic waste. I get to go home every day knowing we’re having a positive impact on the communities and companies we serve and the future of the planet.”

— Noel Lyons, President and Co-founder


McGill Through the Years


Co-founders James McGill and Noel Lyons meet in Ireland.

Jim’s research background combined with Noel’s operational expertise form a powerful partnership as the two refine their approach and business plan.

Jim has a background in composting, including having worked on “The Rutgers Strategy” – a composting process that became the industry standard and the foundation of McGill’s processes. Noel grew up on a farm and has a background in agricultural science.

The two move their families to America and begin building their connections to communities and exceptional colleagues that would form the foundation of the organization.


Company officially founded as McGill Environmental Systems.

McGill will spend the next decade refining and enhancing its composting solutions and its business.

The McGill Regional Composting Facility at Delway (McGill-Delway) in Sampson County, North Carolina opens.


The McGill Regional Composting Facility at Merry Oaks (McGill-Merry Oaks) opens.

This location serves the greater Raleigh metro area including the Carolina Piedmont and south-central Virginia.


The McGill Regional Composting Facility at Waverly (McGill-Waverly) opens in Sussex County, Virginia. Its primary service area includes the coastal mid-Atlantic region.

This service area encompasses the District of Columbia south through the Richmond-Tidewater to northeastern North Carolina.


With more facilities operating and more partnerships thriving, McGill begins expanding its compost sales efforts across markets.


McGill awarded 2011 Compost Facility of the Year, Large-Scale by the US Composting Council.


McGill is awarded a 10-year contract to manage operations at the Bees Ferry Composting Facility.

Until McGill was awarded the contract, the facility had been operated and managed by Charleston County since 1993.


After over 20 years of manufacturing quality compost products, soil blends, and mulches, RER Supply joins the team at McGill Environmental Systems.


McGill Fairless Hills (Bucks County, PA) is being developed and will serve Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware.

Looking Ahead to the Future