Transforming Waste. Rebuilding Soils.

Grounded in Science and Rooted in Local Communities.

For over 30 years, McGill Environmental Systems has transformed organic waste into enriched soil amendment products and blends to help industrial waste generators, public entities, people, and the planet grow greener every day.

Our industrial composting services utilize patented state-of-the-art technologies and facilities to accelerate natural processes to enhance sustainability and cost savings.

Tons Composted

5+ million

Cubic Yards Utilized

4+ million

Annual Carbon Sequestration

256,000 tons

Our Services

McGill provides turnkey organic waste management and composting solutions. We design, build, own, and operate our own weather independent indoor facilities, provide DBO and management solutions for municipalities and organizations and partner with municipalities to solve their organic waste disposal and processing challenges.

Industrial Services​

Building greener communities and companies through high-volume, biodegradable waste stream recycling solutions. Powered by advanced technologies at controlled indoor facilities with reliable transportation services, our industrial composting services take the guesswork out of organic waste management.

Facility Solutions

Empowering municipalities and organizations to create more sustainable and cost-effective facilities. Backed by a proven process, our comprehensive facility solutions offers real-world DBO and management solutions built for the future.

Premium Soil Products

Whether your goal is a vibrant garden, beautiful lawn, or a field of turfgrass that can withstand the punishment of an active playing season or a stand of field corn that beats yield expectations, McGill compost products deliver better planting results and a healthier planet.

Developed in our indoor, climate-controlled facilities, our premium compost products and blends offer consistent quality, ease of application, and a slew of other benefits unmatched by synthetics or low-quality organic soil amendments — all at a competitive price.

How Much Compost to Buy

Determine the amount of compost you’ll need for your planting project with our compost calculator.

How Much to Buy

Where to Buy Our Compost

McGill compost products are sold from facilities in New Jersey, Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida and through authorized resellers.

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More Sustainable Soil Through Science

Our recycling and compost solutions employ and enhance Earth’s natural cycles and processes to create more consistent and future-friendly results. With our technology, we’re maintaining the environmental integrity of communities.

Sustainability Resources