SiteOne SuperSoil

McGill + SiteOne = SuperSoil

McGill and SiteOne teamed up to create a product specifically formulated to give you optimal results in a convenient 1 cubic yard bag.

A blend of 70% STA Certified McGill Premium compost and 30% sandy loamy soil; SUPERSOIL is a product you can feel good about, by returning carbon to the soil and reducing irrigation requirements. SUPERSOIL makes lawns, turfgrass, gardens and ornamentals look great, while improving nutrient uptake and reducing compaction for better root development. Best of all, SiteOne SUPERSOIL Premium Compost is cost-effective and offers outstanding performance.  Grab a bag today and watch your plants and profits grow!

Director of Sales and Marketing
McGill Environmental Systems
634 Christian Chapel Church Road
New Hill, NC 27562