The secret to healthy plants is compost-amended soil

McGill's indoor, climate-controlled facilities have been designed for the manufacture of premium compost products. Facility designs, systems and technologies offer scientifically-enhanced composting processes that deliver:

 tick Higher yields with fewer chemicals Create healthier soil structure.  Increase organic matter essential to key soil processes and organisms.
 tick More water where you need it Improve growing conditions.  Boost the water-holding capacity of your soil.  Keep more moisture at the root zone.
 tick Improved drainage Reduce water-logging after heavy rain or over-watering,  Increase pore space to encourage rapid percolation.
 tick Slow release Get and hold more nutrients at the root zone.  High Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) delivers slow-release performance.
 tick Dependability Climate-controlled processing.  Consistent product quality.  Year-round supply you can rely on.