how much compost

A:  One of the most common questions asked of our compost products team is — “How much compost should I use?”

A good rule of thumb is no more than 30 percent in any mix or soil profile if using a compost product for the first time.

Volumes and types of specific feedstocks or ingredients used in the compost formulation will influence the quality and nutrient value of the resulting compost products. Therefore, there may be some variations in compost product quality, depending on the specific manufacturer.

McGill products, for example, are considered performance composts, because the feedstocks used in the blend are richer than those products made from yard waste only.

When using a McGill compost for the first time, ask to see an analysis and correlate the application rate to a recent soil sample and the requirements of the crop or turfgrass variety.  A knowledgeable compost sales representatives can help determine the right product and volume for your project.

Compost is not topsoil

Do not make the mistake of using compost as fill.  It is not topsoil.  However, you can make an enriched soil by mixing a native soils and compost.  How much compost?  Mix it 50/50.  Studies have shown blending compost with soil already on site can be more cost-effective than buying topsoil.

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