McGill LandscapeMix

McGill LandscapeMix — just right for so many uses

Building raised beds?  Need backfill for around a foundation?  Planting some new trees or shrubs?  McGill LandscapeMix may be the perfect product for your landscaping work plan.

No need to haul in topsoil, buy expensive peat or hand-blend ingredients for backfill or planting media.  Does more than just fill the hole, too.


Our formulation of 50% STA-certified McGill SoilBuilder compost and 50% composted woody material results in the perfect mix for a variety of landscaping projects.

Unlike a wood-based mulch, composted woody material does not compete with plants for nutrients.  Uncomposted mulch made from yard waste can also contain undesirable constituents like weed seeds, pet fecal matter, pesticides and herbicides.

McGill LandscapeMix can be the better choice because it doesn’t just eliminate these concerns.  It also adds organic matter, macro and micro nutrients, and active soil microbes to enhance things like nutrient uptake and pollutant degradation.

Helps hold more water, too, to reduce both runoff and irrigation requirements.


  • Foundation backfill — Builders often bury construction rubble as they backfill around the foundation.  This practice may benefit the builder, but it’s not very good for plants.  For new construction, ask the builder to top off foundation backfill with a layer of LandscapeMix to give new plantings a good start.
  • Planting/raised beds — Simply fill the bed with McGill LandscapeMix and plant.  A permeable weed barrier between the existing soil and the mix will help control weeds.  Some will simply mound the mix on top of the weed barrier, but the use of a wood, metal or other rigid border will keep the edges of the bed from collapsing.
  • Trees and shrubs — Use the mix instead of excavated soil to fill the hole when planting trees and shrubs.


Square feet to be covered x depth to be filled (in inches) x .0031 = cubic yards of LandscapeMix needed.  Need a compost calculator?  Use ours.

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