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TOPIC:  Industrial composting facilities

With science influencing both design and management, high-rate industrial composting facilities are as predictable and reliable as any other modern manufacturing operation.


No art. Just science.

No art.  Just science.

Modern urban waste streams require scientifically-advanced composting processes that can quickly and efficiently degrade challenging organics.


art vs science brain

Facing the realities of modern composting

From biodegradable plastics to food waste, successful management of urban organics requires modern industrial composting.


High-rate composting

High-rate industrial composting — what is it?

For breaking down the most challenging components of organic waste streams, composting needs to be fast, efficient, and controlled.


abstract of microbes for industrial composting

High-rate composting — exploiting the power of microbes

Creating and maintaining ideal environments for aerobic microbes is the secret to fast, efficient biodegradation.


Calculating C:N ratios

Calculating C:N ratios

Hitting the “sweet spot” when blending lays the foundation for successful processing.


bioremediation-microbe smorgasbord

How does bioremediation work?

Organic waste is a microbe’s smorgasbord.  Just set it up and let them feast.


keys to successful composting

7 keys to successful composting

Any facility and any process can turn out good compost.  The secret is in the management.


questions before choosing a composting system

Questions to ask before choosing a composting system

Before deciding on any system, be sure to look at the Big Picture, including cost savings and avoided costs.

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