TOPIC: Healthy soil


Weathering good times and bad

Compost use can get you through the ups and downs … and even help recovery after extreme events.


New to compost use?

This primer can be the beginning of many successful seasons of gardening, lawn care, or crop production. It all starts with good soil.



What’s the difference between compost and …?

Natural soil amendments are not interchangeable.  Know where and when compost is the right or wrong choice.


choosing quality compost

How to choose a quality compost

Trying to decide which compost product is best?  Trust your senses.


Healthy Soil Prescriptions

Healthy soil prescriptions

Returning health and vitality to depleted soil is as simple and economical as using compost.


reducing the cost of stormwater infrastructure

Reducing the cost of stormwater infrastructure

Before launching a capital improvement program, get the soil working as it should.


What’s the difference between compost and fertilizer?

Fertilizer feeds plants. Compost feeds soil, delivering macro and micronutrients along with microbes to improve nutrient update.


Do you know the difference between compost maturity and stability?

Like red and green tomatoes, mature and stable compost may not be the same. Both can be used, but for different purposes.


What is compost used for?

What is compost used for?

When marketing compost products, talk facts, not feel good.


using compost to manage stormwater

Comparing costs

Compost use is one of the least expensive ways to manage stormwater.


compost as superhero

Compost is soil’s superhero

Sure, compost adds nutrients. But that might be this soil amendment’s least important function. 


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