Cre recognizes McGill's 25 yearsOur thanks and warmest regards go out to Cre, the Composting Association of Ireland, for recognizing McGill for its 25 years in the composting industry.

A brief history of the company is featured in Cre’s December 2016 issue. McGill’s “cover guys” are Noel Lyons (left),  company co-founder and chairman of McGill-Ireland, and Niall Carroll, partner and manager of the McGill companies in Ireland.

In Ireland, McGill owns and operates the McGill-Glenville facility in County Cork and Molaisin Compost in County Waterford, plus 3 other composting facilities in the U.S.

All are indoor, industrial-scale operations.  McGill has also designed similar facilities for other composting companies.

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Virginia loves compost and has demonstrated its enthusiasm by becoming the newest state to form a regional group to support the compost manufacturing industry.

The Virginia Composting Council (VCC) became an official chapter of the U.S. Composting Council in March 2015.  Chapter board members include McGill’s own Kyle White and Bob Broom.

It is the country’s fourth regional chapter, joining California, Minnesota and North Carolina.  There are also working groups in the Maryland-Delaware region and Colorado.

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waste handlingMany thanks to the folks at Waste Handling and Equipment News East who were kind enough to run a story about our Composter of the Year award from the U.S. Composting Council.  You can find the article on Page 6 of the April 2012 edition.




Portable Plants & Equipment coverInterested in learning more about the screening equipment McGill uses in its operations?  Check out our profile in the March 2012 issue of Portable Plants & Equipment.  Page 23.  Our thanks to the folks at PP&E.

NCSU Park Scholars

NCSU Park Scholars with McGill president, Noel Lyons (2nd from right)

For a group of students exploring links between economics and the environment, what better place for a tour stop than the McGill Regional Composting Facility at Merry Oaks just south of Raleigh, NC?  Students from the Park Scholarships program at North Carolina State University made a late-March visit to hear Noel Lyons, McGill president, talk about the company’s milestones and challenges through 20-plus years of growth.


Delegates to the USCC awards luncheon included, from left: front – Lynn Lucas, Barbara McGill; back – Pete Bashaw, Jim McGill, Noel Lyons, Judy McConnell, Steve Cockman, Bob Broom.

Last week, the U.S. Composting Council (USCC) named McGill Environmental Systems the 2011 Composter of the Year.  Recognizing McGill’s 20-year achievements in the areas of compost manufacturing, marketing and education, the award was presented at the trade association’s annual conference in Austin, TX.

McGill’s delegation included co-founders Jim McGill and Noel Lyons, Pete Bashaw, Steve Cockman, Judy McConnell, Bob Broom and Lynn Lucas.

Accompanying Jim, who flew in from his home base in Ireland to attend the conference, was his wife, Barbara.