McGill SportsTurf compostMcGill SportsTurf for active playing fields

McGill SportsTurf offers the same benefits as our SoilBuilder compost, but it’s formulated for active playing surfaces like athletic fields and golf courses.  Besides saving time and money,  McGill SportsTurf will do great things for your turf management program:

  1. Improve percolation
  2. Reduce irrigation requirements
  3. Reduce chemical use
  4. Reduce compaction
  5. Protect players

McGill SportsTurf gets the job done


McGill SportsTurf is manufactured from the same materials as our premium SoilBuilder, but is finished with a finer screen to allow this product to be applied year-round, even during the playing season.


  • Golf courses. Use for rough, fairways and landscaping. Good for divot mixes, too. Reduce fertilizer loss by increasing soil cation exchange capacity (CEC).
  • Athletic fields. Apply prior to seeding or sod installation to add organic matter. Improves nutrient uptake. Top-dress regularly to maintain healthy soil ecosystems.
  • Commercial/industrial sod. Improve turf rooting while fixing soil structure over the long-term.
  • Water management. Compost acts like a sponge to hold many times its weight in water, but it also relieves soil compaction, improving pore space and allowing excess water to percolate. Improves field recovery after storm events. Reduces stormwater and pollution runoff. Controls sediment loss and erosion.
  • Injury reduction. Reducing compaction results in softer playing surfaces.  This reduces impact injuries while remaining within a desired range, even in dry weather. Eliminate heat-stress associated with artificial turf. Reduced chemical requirements mean reduced athlete exposure, too.   “Adding compost in conjunction with aeration can further reduce surface hardness in addition to creating better conditions for turf growth,” say researchers at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State).  READ MORE
  • Landscaping. Improve soil structure for better root and water penetration. Hold more applied fertilizer at the root zone where you need it. Reduce plant replacements. Make your own topsoil and planting mixes. Reduce plant replacements.


To keep fields and fairways in peak condition, apply product on an annual basis, up to 2 inches per year (in multiple applications).

For best results, core-aerate, top-dress, and rake or back-drag after topdressing with SportsTurf.

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