Professional landscaping

Landscaping projects benefit from compost use

Compost is good for lawns and turfgrass.  It’s also the perfect soil amendment for landscaping projects of all types:

  • Backfill around foundations, trees and shrubs
  • Manufacture quality topsoil from compost and native soils
  • Replenish garden soils
  • Add to mixes for raised beds, rain gardens and potting soil
  • Replace peat moss (1:1)

The use of McGill SoilBuilder offers many benefits for professional landscaping:

  • Feed soil a full complement of macro and micro nutrients, not just NPK
  • Change soil tilth
  • Improve soil structure for better root development and water penetration
  • Hold more applied fertilizer at the root zone
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Capture more rainwater
  • Biodegrade polluted runoff
  • Reduce plant replacements
  • Encourage faster green-up after sod installations and seeding
  • Extend a lawn’s green season by a couple of weeks in both spring and fall

In addition, McGill SoilBuilder is a premium compost product.  Because it is safe when used as recommended, installers can apply, spread and incorporate with confidence — even when lawns and gardens are used by children and pets.

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