McGill was founded in 1991 in North Carolina.

McGill Environmental Systems is a commercial organics recycling and compost manufacturing company.  Also known as McGill Compost or simply McGill, it incorporated in 1991 in North Carolina.

Who is McGill?

We are one of the oldest and largest advanced-technology composting companies in the world.
  • We own and operate industrial composting facilities in the North Carolina, Virginia, and Ireland.
  • We employ about 100 people worldwide.
  • We use an advanced composting technology to convert biodegradable materials into high-value compost products for commercial and professional markets.
  • We offer related services like sludge dewatering and transportation.
  • We process indoors and use computers to provide the maximum level of process control.  This results in a fast, efficient process and high-quality compost products.
  • We design, build and operate composting facilities for ourselves and for others.
  • We market a line of branded compost products to landscape suppliers, golf courses, athletic fields, construction contractors, stormwater managers and farmers.
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  1. Lynn Lucas
    Lynn Lucas says:

    While we do operate our own transportation fleet (dump and walking-floor trailers, tankers and roll-off boxes), we do not offer any type of door-to-door service. In the absence of organics recycling mandates, “voluntary” participation is too spotty and results in insufficient route density to make economic sense for most volume transporters. But we do work with “enviro-preneurs” (in some markets) who collect from carts and bins, and then transport the collected material to one of our facilities for processing. To find out if there’s anyone serving your area, please contact us with the name of your town.

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