Waltrip's Express Conveyor

Waltrip’s Express Conveyor

All McGill hats are off to Waltrip Recycling of Williamsburg, Va., for their ingenious  Express Conveyor,  a portable compost offload-to-blower-truck unit  that eliminates a time-consuming step in the application process.

A walking floor trailer backs up to the right side of the apparatus, and then the truck backs out the mulch or compost as a conveyor moves the material up and into a blower truck.

Waltrip says, for some jobs, it’s possible to load directly from the delivery truck to the blower truck with no product hitting the ground and no loader required.   And, yes, we hear they are manufacturing these units for resale and job site rental.

Do you have a mod for commercial-scale compost applications?  Send us a picture and brief description, and we’ll add it to the collection.

For more information visit Waltrip Recycling to see the other services that they offer.