sod at 2 weeks

“Unbelievable” is what Matt Harder of Earthworks and Sprinklers muttered when he snapped these photos of a freshly-mowed soccer field with his camera phone on April 11.  What was so surprising about cut grass?  The Bermuda Riviera sod was installed on March 1, only five weeks earlier.

Before laying the sod, Matt broadcast two inches of McGill Sports Turf, tilled to a depth of 6 inches, laser graded, then followed by a pass with his handmade, 4000-pound roller.  Matt told us growth was so responsive, the turf quickly grabbed hold of the soil and was well on its way to seam-up in just two weeks. “It rooted very fast,” he said.  “The color came out in the sod really quick, and the sod took right to the ground.”