A: A wide variety of feedstocks and post-processing ingredients are blended to make McGill compost products.  Our compost is manufactured from biodegradable by-products and processing residuals from agriculture, municipalities and industries, including such materials as:

  • Yard waste (aka green waste)
  • Clean wood (pallets, dimensional lumber, forestry products)
  • Vegetable scraps and culls, past sell-by or recalled products and other pre/post-consumer food wastes such as  fats, oils and grease (FOG)
  • Biosolids
  • Selected residuals from drinking water and industrial wastewater treatment, including DAF sludge
  • Agricultural by-products (manure, bedding, hatchery waste)
  • Paper and cardboard (waxed and unwaxed)
  • Compostable plastics

Click the image to read the ingredients list (PDF) from the back of the SoilBuilder bag:

SoilBuilder bag back - ingredients