At Mike’s Service Center :  cookin’ up a side of compost

Mike’s Service Center

Ruth King and Scott Rivenbark at Mike’s Service Center, Pink Hill, NC

If the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, would the offer of a big bowl of gumbo draw farmers — an independent and elusive market segment — to a talk about the benefits of compost use?  Ruth King, McGill’s compost sales account manager in southeastern North Carolina, decided to wield her ladle at Mike’s Service Center in Pink Hill to find out – and reports the answer is a resounding yes.

Mike’s – owned by a guy named Scott – is the lunchtime gathering spot for local farmers.  Ruthie, a former restaurateur and TV cooking show host, whipped up a batch of chicken, sausage and shrimp gumbo for a crowd of 28.  All filled their bellies while Ruthie filled their ears with customer success stories.  The result?  Requests for seconds on both.

Are you part of a group of farmers who congregate at a favorite restaurant for breakfast or lunch?  Make it a fast food joint, local grill or some other hang-out — we’ll pay for or provide the food in exchange for a few minutes of your time to answer questions about compost use and share success stories from farmers just like you.  Contact the sales representative for your area or call the corporate office at 919-362-1161 for more information.