Burch Farms
Jared Burch, Burch Farms

Jared Burch, 4th generation farmer

Burch Farms in Sampson County has been using McGill AG compost for many years.  I met fourth-generation grower, Jared Burch, in one of their fields late last summer as he prepared to plow sweet potatoes.

A graduate of North Carolina State University, 25-year-old Jared farms about 6,000 acres with his father, uncles and cousins. He is well aware of the need to keep the soil enriched to produce crops and spoke of the importance of returning organic matter back into the sandy soil where they farm.

The Burch family incorporates about 15 cubic yards of compost per acre prior to planting. Burch Farms is known for their sweet potatoes, peppers, greens and other produce. Over the years, Ted Burch, Jared’s uncle, has seen money savings from purchasing less fertilizer and better moisture-holding capacity in irrigated fields during the hot summer months.

CONTRIBUTOR:  Ruth King, McGill-Delway compost sales