Compost is the perfect companion for lazy gardeners

Whether you lack time, interest, or energy, compost can be the one product that gives you the garden of your dreams without a whole lot of effort.

You don’t want to spend the day putzin’ around with the bees, burning your nose to a crisp, or giving your knees a workout from which they may never recover.  You just want a few fresh veggies for the table and a petunia or two.

Well, darlin’, we have the perfect garden companion for you.

It’s called compost.

Put it in the ground, a container, or a garden sock.

Use it to build the soil, retain moisture, and deter nuisances like pests, diseases, and weeds.

Rely on it for conventional, regenerative, organic, sustainable, hydroponic, biointensive, or permaculture growing systems.

Shovel, rake, till, or plow it in … or simply sprinkle on top of the soil.

Layer it on thick enough, and it will serve as a root-cooling mulch, too.

Apply in the spring, mid-season, or fall.

One product, added to the soil once or twice a year, is all most home gardens will ever need.