“Excellent crop response,”  says Britt Riddle of Riddle Farms in St. Pauls, NC.  “The compost seems to last longer with less leaching than commercial-grade fertilizer.”

A conventional grower, Britt tested fertilizer and compost side-by-side on corn.   His May 2010 test plot pix (right) shows commercial fertilizer left of the ditch and McGillAG compost on the right.

Excellent crop response with reduced input

Britt’s “excellent crop response” is not restricted to corn.  Farmers growing everything from greens to melons have reported good results when using compost alone or in conjunction with reduced commercial fertilizers.  Other input, like pesticides and even irrigation, can be reduced, as well.

For more information about compost’s impact on crop performance, visit our compost sales website at www.mcgillcompost.com.

NOTE:  Some content has been updated since the original post.