Lynn Lucas

Lynn Lucas

Q:  Project developer?  What’s that?

A: I suppose an analogy to a composer is close to the mark.  The spark of an idea becomes a cacophony of sounds swimming around in my head.  One by one, those noises and tones are isolated.  The instrument or voice making each sound is identified.  Then an organizational process commences, placing each note in its proper sequence, with just the right emphasis, just the right instrument.  Only then is the composition put to paper.

But for that score  to finally take on life, it must be entrusted to others – conductors, musicians, vocalists, audio technicians – who turn ink and paper into music, each making his or her own unique contribution to the finished work.

Like the composer, a project developer imagines, organizes and structures, but is rarely hands-on beyond early start-up or testing phases.  That’s when the people who are going to manage on a day-to-day basis take over.

Q:  What do you actually do at McGill?

A: Over the years, I’ve done just about everything except drive a frontend loader.  But, officially, I work in Business Development, focusing on permitting new facilities, grant writing and marketing.  I have authored/co-authored most of our external print, our website, this blog, manuals, articles, presentations, continuing education courses for licensed professionals, etc.  This has also included some of the related design and production work.

About 80 percent of what I do involves making something out of nothing and demands some basic knowledge in multiple disciplines, so this is a position where one is required to know a little bit about a lot of things — which is the perfect job for someone with a short attention span, like me.  It also helps to possess the ability to juggle three oranges, a feather and a brick while simultaneously keeping a hula hoop spinning around one’s waist, bouncing a deflated soccer ball with the left foot and paddling upriver in a leaky canoe with the right.  Admittedly,  I sometimes drop the brick … which explains the condition of the soccer ball.

I’ve been with McGill for two decades.  The only other constant in my life with longer duration is my husband of 37 years.  I guess that speaks highly of the entertainment value of both.

Q:  What do you do in your spare time?

A: Spare time?  What’s that?