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Waltrip equipment mod eliminates loader

All McGill hats are off to Waltrip Recycling of Williamsburg, Va., for their ingenious  Express Conveyor,  a portable compost offload-to-blower-truck unit  that eliminates a time-consuming step in the application process. A walking floor trailer backs up to the right side of the apparatus, and then the truck backs out the mulch or compost as a conveyor moves the […]


The Million Tomato campaign

McGill SoilBuilder Premium Compost is pleased to announce its participation in the U.S. Composting Council’s Million Tomato campaign to help boost soil health and growing power in community gardens.  Learn more about this national program at http://buy-compost.com/ or contact McGill compost sales at 910-532-2539.


Manure vs. compost … which is better?

Manure vs. compost — which is the better choice?   Here are a couple of clues: The best thing about raw manure or poultry litter? It’s free. The best thing about compost? It works. Here’s why: Organic material (OM) is added to soils through manure decomposition.  But the amount is about equal to the amount of […]