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Transplant shock: would compost make a difference?

Transplanting can be a tricky business.  Whether moving from a greenhouse or a personal garden, plants do not care for the experience, and transplanting can sometimes trigger a disastrous response from the plant.  When the stress or damage received in the transplanting process is too much for the plant, transplant shock may result.  The plant […]


Compost and turfgrass: one year later at England Run

Back in September of 2012, McGill SoilBuilder was used to improve the soil beneath the lay-down of new turfgrass at the England Run Library in Stafford County, Virginia.  Fast-forward to the following year, and the grounds became their own testament to the effectiveness of compost as an under-layment for sod. Compost and turfgrass — it’s […]


Sports field management: compost makes difference

Brandon Grissom, turf manager at Innovative Turf Application and Consulting (ITAC), says  the company has found success through its use of compost in sports field management.  According to Grissom, compost positively impacts soil structure and that, in turn, improves moisture retention — something that both he and his customers quickly picked up on. “We saw how […]