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Recycling number 7 PLA plastics

Grappling with the infamous #7 PLA recycling code What was the plastics industry thinking when it stuck compostable plastic into this recycling hodgepodge? It wasn’t … thinking of recycling, that is. The industry says their category numbers are resin codes, not recycling codes. They identify different types of polymers. Each polymer recycles using a different […]


Heading for the 2018 CRA conference this weekend?

Members of Team McGill are packing up for next week’s 2018 Carolinas Recycling Association (CRA) Conference, March 19-22 in Cherokee, NC.  Representing McGill Environmental Systems will be Noel Lyons, president; Sean Fallon, business development manager for intake;  Gary Gittere, sales and marketing manager for compost sales, and Kate Sullivan, compost sales rep.  Come meet some […]